• LTE M2M Protocol Stack cat 0 ready

    LTE M2M Protocol Stack cat 0 ready
  • LTE Protocol Stacks for M2M and Small Cell Solutions

    LTE/3G/2G 3GPP, GMR1-3G solutions and M2M standards
  • LTE Protocol Conformance Test Platform

    Early entry to emerging new markets
  • Experience of working with Tier 1 Chipset Vendors, OEMs, ODMs and Operators

    LTE and M2M Core Software Components
  • Full Range of Modem Development and Test Framework Services

    Wireless terminal development
  • End to End Experience from System Integration to Operator Test and Acceptance

    Interoperability and live network testing
  • Independent technology development company

    Founded in 2008 as a management and employee spin-out from Infineon GmbH Wireless Division, NextG-Com is a UK based independent technology development company specialising in software services and embedded system components for LTE, satellite and M2M. The company have a proven record of delivering high value consulting and development services to global Tier1 semiconductor partners, modem and device developers.

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